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Rapid Deployment Technology Gym Container


Our Rapid Rig Deployment Technology is an ingeniously engineered solution featuring a meticulously designed slide-out rack system, incorporating precision-crafted German parts. This cutting-edge system allows users to slide out each rack seamlessly and effortlessly with a single swift action. The innovation lies in the streamlined and efficient design, offering users a quick and hassle-free setup process. By leveraging high-quality German engineering, our technology ensures durability, precision, and reliability in every deployment. This system is a testament to our commitment to providing a user-friendly and advanced solution for rapid rig deployment, enhancing the overall user experience and efficiency of our gym equipment.


This engineered slide-up rig system empowers users to effortlessly raise the pull-up bar to different height levels, securing it in place with an industrial pin. With three distinct height settings, this innovation provides unparalleled versatility, allowing users to customize their workout routine. Whether you're engaging in rope climbs or rings exercises, the Vertical Extension Rig Technology ensures that you can maximize your exercises and adapt to various fitness challenges. 

Rapid Deployment Technology Gym Trailers


Our Bi-Folding Wall System, featured exclusively on our premium models such as the Xtreme Gym Trailer and 20FT Gym Container, represents a sophisticated and space-efficient access solution. This innovative system consists of walls that fold in the middle, allowing for a seamless and compact opening. The beauty of this design is its ability to maximize both interior and exterior space, providing easy access while minimizing any potential obstructions. This innovative solution allows users to conveniently stow away rig systems when not actively engaged in workouts. The Bi-Folding Wall System is engineered for convenience, ensuring swift and smooth operations for users. This advanced wall system offers a practical and stylish solution, underscoring our commitment to delivering top-tier features and functionality in our premium fitness models.

360 degree training zone bi-folding wall system gym containers


Our Stabilizing Leg Support Technology introduces a groundbreaking approach to enhance the stability and adaptability of your workout experience. This innovative system features a slide-down rig equipped with adjustable industrial footings, each individually attached by an industrial pin. This design allows users to effortlessly vary the height of each leg support based on the ground level, ensuring a stable and secure foundation for the rig. The adjustable nature of the industrial footing accommodates different terrain or flooring variations, providing a level surface for the rig. This technology not only maximizes safety during workouts but also allows users to optimize their exercise routine on various surfaces with ease, reflecting our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for a tailored and effective fitness experience.

mobile gym trailers slide out bearing system


Our Slide Out Weight Plate Trays, integrated into both of our Mobile Gym Trailers, represent a cutting-edge solution for convenient weight plate storage and accessibility. This technology features a weight plate rack constructed atop industrial sliders, allowing for smooth and effortless sliding functionality. The innovation doesn't stop there – we've incorporated side-opening hatch doors to provide users with easy access to the weight plates. By simply opening the hatch doors, users can slide out the weight plate trays, allowing for quick and efficient retrieval of weights during workouts. This design prioritizes user convenience, organization, and space optimization, ensuring that accessing and storing weight plates is a seamless and user-friendly experience within our Mobile Gym Trailers.

mobile gym trailers slide out weight plate trays


Our Mobile Gym Trailer designs adhere to international vehicle design and performance standards, ensuring compliance with United Nations regulations and the guidelines established by the OICA (International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers).


Our Gym Containers conform to global safety regulations outlined by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and hold CSC Certification.

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