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Beyond Imagination, Beyond Limits


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Outdoor Training.

Embark on a transformative journey with our revolutionary approach to outdoor training. At the forefront of innovation, we are reshaping the landscape of fitness with our cutting-edge mobile gym trailers and mobile gym containers. Experience a new paradigm in wellness as we redefine the possibilities of outdoor training. Welcome to a world where fitness meets mobility, and where our commitment to excellence is as dynamic as your workout. Join us in changing the way the world thinks about outdoor training – a fitness revolution on wheels awaits.

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We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services Around the World.


We deliver a new dimension of flexibility, adaptability, and convenience as our products showcase cutting-edge capabilities.

Deployable Gym Container
Gym Container Rapid Deployment Technology


Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with our ingeniously engineered slide-out rack system utilizing high-quality German-engineered parts. Thanks to our meticulously crafted engineering, it takes just minutes and can be accomplished by a single person. No tools required.


Designed to maximize workout capabilities and accommodate larger group numbers, our cutting-edge products empower you with unparalleled flexibility and endless opportunities. Step into a new era of fitness where every angle is an opportunity for progress, and every session is optimized for peak performance.

Gym Containers 360 degree training zones
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Designed to endure even the most challenging environments. Our rugged rigs are proudly crafted in Australia to withstand the harshest conditions the country has to offer. Each gym is meticulously prepared, featuring a zinc-primed coating and a powder-coated HDPE internal rig sleeve. This dual-layer protection ensures durability, shielding the exterior coating from any potential wear during application. Wherever your fitness journey takes you, trust in our Australian-built gyms to deliver resilience and performance in any environment.


Meticulously crafted to offer versatile programming capabilities. Unleash your potential with cross-fit intensity, tactical precision, or the fluidity of bodyweight training – our gyms adapt to your diverse workout preferences. If you can envision it, our gyms empower you to train for it – a platform where your fitness aspirations know no limits.

Outdoor Training & storage Units
Australian Made Forces Fitness


A different approach to fitness, using a new method of outdoor training technology.

We redefine fitness through an innovative approach, producing the latest outdoor training technology to set a new benchmark in gyms. Elevating the industry standard, our products surpass the competition through a fusion of innovation, quality, and cutting-edge technology whilst dedicated to delivering unmatched value.

Australian Made Gym Equipment


Gym Trailers

Gym Containers

Gym Fitouts

Fitness Retreats



Forces Fitness is not just a supplier, we are partner dedicated to your success. We stand out as the chosen supplier for those who prioritise quality, local manufacturing and tailored solutions. We understand that every fitness facility is unique, which is why we offer innovative and customizable solutions. Our outdoor training units can be tailored to fit your specific needs, whether you require functional fitness units, strength training stations, or deployable tactical setups. We work with you to create a training environment that sets your facility apart.

Forces Fitness X Supply Nation

Supply Nation


Australian Defence Force

Forces Fitness X Iron Edge Fitness Equipment

IronEdge Fitness Equipment

Forces Fitness X National Indigenous Australian's Agency

National Indigenous Australians Agency

Forces Fitness X Australian Government Department of Defence

Australian Government Department of Defence

Forces Fitness X Australian Made Campaign

Made In Australia Campaign

Forces Fitness X Anarchy Custom Trailers

Anarchy Custom Trailers

Forces Fitness X Indigenous Business Australia

Indigenous Business Australia

Forces Fitness X Indigenous Business Queensland

Indigenous Business Queensland

Forces Fitness X Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network

Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network

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